ClassVR Equipment Best Practice for Seasonal Breaks

Preparing the headsets for the end of term

We recommend powering off the headsets if they are not going to be used for an extended period of time, such as summer break.

  • Ensure that the headsets are powered off, unplugged and are kept in the cases or trolleys for the duration of the holiday. This will allow the batteries to rest and will reduce the likelihood that the headsets will be completely discharged upon your return. For further advice on powering off the headsets, click here.
  • Make sure that the case or trolley is also unplugged from the wall socket.


It is important that the headsets are kept in the supplied trolley/case and in a cool, dry and sheltered location. This will avoid damage to the headsets, such as LCD sun damage, case or lens deterioration, torn or weathered headstraps or other such issues. Correct storage should considerably extend the useful life of the devices.

Cleaning the headsets

To make sure that the headsets are in optimal condition after the break is over, we would recommend ensuring that they are cleaned and sanitised before being stored. Click here for instructions on how to go about this.

Preparing the headsets for use upon return

Before you next use the headsets, plug the power cable into an available wall socket and plug all of the headsets into the hub in the case or trolley. The charging light should indicate that they are charging.

If for any reason a headset does not charge (for example it is completely discharged) when plugged into the hub in the case or trolley, then please try charging it using a standard phone charger plugged into a wall socket.

Click here for further advice on charging.

Powering off the headsets

  • Press the ‘Power’ button on the headset and then select ‘Power off’. This must be done on each headset.
  • In the Deliver Tab of the ClassVR Portal, Click the Manage Devices icon.

    You can then select Shutdown. This will power down all devices that are connected to the network. Please note that this will not shut down any headsets that are disconnected, so we would still recommend checking all headsets to ensure that they are fully powered off.


If there are any updates available, these will automatically download and install to the headsets once they are powered on and connected to the network/internet. It may take a little time for all headsets to update.

You can check the update status of the headsets by visiting the device page of the ClassVR portal at (Note that you may have to log in to see this information.) You can also check the firmware details on this page. Any items that show up in red still need to be updated. 

If you are having any issues with updates or any other aspects of getting the headsets ready for the new term, contact our support team. 

Further information 

The following article links may provide some more information in keeping your devices in the best working order prior to the start of a new term. 

Clearing the Cache 

Using Themes / Subscribed content 

Factory Reset 


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