Eduverse Interface

Eduverse is an immersive learning experience that can be enjoyed by students either by themselves, in groups or in a teacher lead session. Eduverse is not restricted to VR devices – it can also be viewed on computers, tablets and mobile phones via an internet browser. Eduverse is not platform-specific, so you can join other users in the same session regardless of the device that they are using.

The type of interface that the visitor will use depends on the type of device that they are using. If you are using anything other than a ClassVR headset, the following are a list of controls that will be available.

On-Screen Controls

Directional pad (touchscreens only)
In the bottom-left corner of your touchscreen device will be the analogue controller. You can use this to navigate through the scenes if you do not have a physical keyboard. You can also look around the scene by swiping your finger over the main view to turn around or look up and down.

If you want to go back to a scene you visited previously in the session, the back button will take you sequentially through all of the previous scenes you have been in.

The Explore button brings up the Eduverse scenes library, where you can browse or search through the extensive list of scenes available.

Hall Pass
Hall Pass allows you to create a browser link you can send to your friends or fellow students, so they can also experience Eduverse. The link will take them to the same scene that you are in, but they will launch into their own session. This is especially useful if your colleague is at home or does not have an internet connection that can support multiple user sessions.

Eduverse has the ability to use your device’s microphone and speakers to communicate with other users in the session. Clicking the Voice button will mute your microphone if you need some privacy. The Voice button is combined with the Audio Settings button.

Audio Settings
If you have more than one microphone or speaker set attached to your device, the Audio Settings section allows you to select, test and mute your preferred audio options.

Fullscreen (Mobile devices only)
If you are experiencing the Eduverse on your mobile device in the browser (rather than the app) then you will have the option to view the scenes in full-screen mode, or keep the browser’s navigation bar and other controls available. However, it is worth noting that not using Eduverse in full-screen mode does detract from the immersive experience.

If you would like to have a lasting memento of your visit to Eduverse, you can use the Photo button to capture an image of your current view. The photo is automatically saved to your preferred download location as a JPEG file so you can view it later or share it with your friends or colleagues.

Gather (Teachers only)
If you have a class of students that have moved away to explore other scenes, the Gather button will bring all of the users in the current session to your present location. So much easier than a school trip!

Contained in the More section are the abilities to log out of your current session, see your account details and save logs for diagnostic purposes.

People (Registered users only)
Clicking on the People button will show all of the other users in the current session. You can also see their status (the device type they are using, if their microphone is muted) and by clicking on their name you can see more information about their account setup.

The Learn button gives the students a wealth of information about the scene they are currently in, as well as things to look out for and further activities to consider. These include quizzes, assignments and worksheets.

Teach (teachers only)
Similar to the Learn button, the Teach button brings up information and activities that a teacher can use to engage with their students as they experience the Eduverse. This also includes further worksheets and information that teachers can use to assist in learning.


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