Firmware & Software Update

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ClassVR headset firmware or software not updating

As part of using the ClassVR headsets, automatic uploading and updating software is a regular feature. In order for this to happen, the headsets need to meet the following requirements:

  • They are switched on and have at least 60% charge to complete the updates.
  • They have a working internet connection and are able to access
  • There is enough storage space available to download the files. (If there is not enough space on the device, then the oldest or least used content on the device will be deleted to make enough space.)
  • .APK and .ZIP files are allowed to be downloaded by your firewall settings. (You may have to speak to your IT provider to ensure that this can be done)

The updates will usually take one of two forms:

Firmware and client updates:

Firmware updates are managed and released by Avantis. These happen periodically and are required for keeping your ClassVR headsets secure and up to date. This happens automatically when the headsets are powered on, checking into the portal and the above criteria is met.

Please note that the headset may restart after a firmware update.

Software updates:

This is the information that is uploaded from the portals to the headsets. The amount of time this takes depends on the size of the files being uploaded, the amount of content that has been added to the playlist, and the speed of your internet/network connection.

Further troubleshooting:

  • Content is not uploading to the devices.
    • Ensure that they have a working internet connection.
    • Try deleting any previous content that is no longer needed for this session to free up space. You can also clear the cache on the devices by following this article. Both methods are explained here.
    • There is only a limited number of tracks that can be displayed on the ClassVR main screen of the headsets. We recommend that you only send a maximum of 20 tracks at any one time.
    • Try restarting the headsets and ensuring that they are online.
    • Remove and re-add the content via the ClassVR portal.
  • It is taking a long time for the content to upload.
    • Check that you have a fast and stable internet and network connection.
    • Check the size of the content you are uploading – large files can take longer to upload. If it is content you have added yourself (such as 360 video), check with the file creator to see if it can be optimised further.
    • When sending content to the devices, there is a progress bar on the Deliver screen for each headset. You can use this to track progress.
    • Be patient – if you are uploading to a lot of devices, this can take time.
  • Content cannot be opened:
    • Ensure that the files are in a compatible format. Click here for a list of compatible file types.
    • Make sure that they are fully downloaded before you attempt to open them. If you see a grey icon on the main screen, this means that the track has not fully downloaded on to the headset yet.

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