ClassVR Headset Proximity Sensor

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Every ClassVR headset has an integrated proximity sensor that is located between the lenses inside the foam bracket. The size and shape of the sensor depends on the model of ClassVR headset you have.

This sensor detects when the headset is being worn and activates the headset's LCD display accordingly. If the proximity sensor does not detect anything, the LCD screen will remain blank and the ClassVR headset will stay in a low power state. This is primarily used to save battery power and also save the LCD screen from transient image persistence, the LCD form of screenburn. (Note that while in this state, the headsets can still be charged and content can be downloaded to them.)

When wearing the headset, there may be a short delay of around half a second while the sensor detects the user. If you need to manually check or test the headset, the sensor can be covered by a finger, or any other object as required. The proximity sensor's range is approximately 2 centimetres, so anything further away than this will not be detected.

The proximity sensor and the ClassVR Portal

When the headsets are powered on, connected to the network, enrolled and showing on the portal, they will show connected in the Devices list until the proximity sensor is activated, and then they will become active:

This will also mean that they can be seen on ClassView.

A few seconds after the headset is removed and the sensor no longer registers activity, the devices will disappear from ClassView and will revert to Connected in the Devices list.

Further troubleshooting:

The headset's LCD display will not turn on:

  • Ensure that the headset has adequate charge and is powered on.
  • Check that the charging cable has been removed.
  • Try covering the sensor with your finger to see if it is activated.
  • Make sure that the foam bracket is fitted correctly and not causing the user's face to sit too far away from the sensor.

The headset's LCD display remains on after use:

  • Check to make sure that the headstrap is not resting over the proximity sensor.
  • Ensure that the foam bracket is not obstructing the sensor.
  • Try covering and uncovering the sensor again.
  • Try restarting the headset.

The headset's display flashes on and off:

  • Make sure that the headset is being worn correctly. Adjust the headstrap as required.
  • Ensure that there is nothing covering or obstructing the sensor. Wipe with a microfibre cloth if necesarry.
  • Restart the headset and try covering and uncovering the sensor with your finger.
  • Ensure that the foam bracket is fitted correctly.

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