ClassVR Setup and User Guide

ClassVR Setup and User Guide

These documents contain information for the initial setup and configuration of the ClassVR devices.

The guides include steps c overing setup, headset guide, basic portal instructions and Health and Safety guide to using ClassVR. 


Documents are available in the following languages.
  1. English | CVR-155 | CVR-255 | CVR-255-64
  2. Polish (Polskie) | CVR-155 | CVR-255 | CVR-255-64
  3. Portuguese (Português) | CVR-155 | CVR-255 | CVR-255-64
  4. Russian (Pусский) | CVR-155 | CVR-255 | CVR-255-64
  5. Romanian (Română) | CVR-155 | CVR-255 | CVR-255-64
  6. Spanish (Español) | CVR-155 | CVR-255 | CVR-255-64
  7. Italian (Italiana) | CVR-155 | CVR-255 | CVR-255-64
  8. German (Deutsch) CVR-155 | CVR-255 | CVR-255-64
Attached : Setup and configuration guide. (English only - please refer to section 3.2 of the CVR-155 guides for relevant languages)
For further assistance please contact the ClassVR support team directly at

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