ClassVR Setup and User Guide

ClassVR Setup and User Guide

These documents contain information for the initial setup and configuration of the ClassVR devices.

The guides include steps covering setup, headset guide, basic portal instructions and Health and Safety guide to using ClassVR. 


Documents are available in the following languages.
  1. English | CVR155 / CVR255 / CVR255-64
  2. Polish (Polskie) | CVR155
  3. Portuguese (Português) | CVR155 / CVR255
  4. Russian (Pусский) | CVR155 / CVR255
  5. Romanian (Română) | CVR155 / CVR255
  6. Spanish (Español) | CVR155 / CVR255
  7. Italian (Italiana) | CVR155 / CVR255
  8. German (Deutsch) CVR155 / CVR255
For further assistance please contact the ClassVR support team directly at

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