ARC 2.0

            ARC is a default application installed onto ClassVR headsets. ARC allows users to view ClassVR's Augmented Reality worksheets, which can be printed from the "Plan" section of the ClassVR Portal ( Each worksheet has a unique trigger (the pattern in the top right-hand corner of the ARC worksheet). Once the app is loaded, the front-facing camera will allow you to view the worksheet and the Augmented Reality experience should begin. With this new update, you can use the ARCube (also available to print from the ClassVR Portal).

            To locate the worksheets and ARCube, simply follow these steps:
            1) Login to the portal
            2) On the "Plan" section, select the "ClassVR" library, under "Subscriptions"
            3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click into "Worksheets"
            - For the ARCube PDF, click on the hyperlink which reads "click to download"
            - For the worksheets, select your subject and print off the PDFs you wish to you.

            New Features

            - Improved loading speeds of models
            - Ability to integrate ARCube with ARC app
            - You can now tap the touch panel to trigger auto-focus

            Updated: 09 Oct 2019 10:06 PM
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