ClassVR Headset Factory Reset Procedure

            Factory resetting your ClassVR device will remove all user data and network configuration. It will not remove any data on your ClassVR portal. A factory reset is generally preformed when you are experiencing software related issues with your ClassVR headset.

            To factory reset you can scan the QR key below - This will instantly reset your headset without confirmation (use with caution!).

            If you are expecting difficulties scanning the QR key, or you are unable to access the Scanner Tool due to the device not booting you can manually reset the ClassVR headset by using the guide below.

            1. Connect a USB keyboard to the headset.
            2. Turn the headset off (check it has turned off completely by putting your finger over the proximity sensor between the lenses; the screen should not come on). Wait for five seconds.
            3. Press and hold the power button and back button on the left of the headset. Once the device powers on and the ClassVR logo appears, continue holding the back button, but release the power button.
            4. When the recovery menu appears release the back button, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll down to the third option: Wipe data/factory reset and select this option using the enter key.

            5. Scroll down to the seventh option: Yes -- delete all user data. Press the enter key to select.

            Once you’ve completed this process, the headset should reboot as normal it will take a little while to start up. Unplug the keyboard.
            After this you will need to  scan the wifi QR code (an proxy if you use one) in so the headset can get back onto the WiFi network.

            The device will be enrolled automatically and you can select the information screen to make sure the device now has an IP address.

            Updated: 21 May 2019 12:27 AM
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