Finding Supporting Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

            We provide Virtual Reality lesson plans and Augmented Reality worksheets to help support you in embedding ClassVR in your teaching.

            When you click into the ‘ClassVR’ library, you can scroll down to see the ‘Lesson Plans’ and ‘Worksheets’ and view them by subject.

            Just click the thumbnail to open or download the PDF you require.

            Lesson Plans contain objectives and questions to help guide you through one of our pre-prepared playlists. You will find ideas and activities put together by our team of educational specialists as well as a QR key that can be scanned to download the playlist directly.

            Worksheets work with ARC, our Augmented Reality Classroom app. Simply print off the worksheet you want to use and view it through the ARC app to watch 3D models pop up out of the page and come alive right before your eyes. This is also where you can find the link to download your own printable ARCube, which can be used to hold our 3D models in your hands. 
            Updated: 01 Jul 2019 08:50 PM
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