Installing 3rd Party Apps onto your ClassVR headsets

            This topic is advanced and is suitable only for confident administrators.

            IMPORTANT: In order to download and install apps onto your headsets, you will need the permission of the publisher. It is your responsbility to obtain this permission.

            First, you will need to make sure you have the following:
            • The APK file for the app you would like to install
            • The package name (this can be found by inspecting the Android Manifest; it is also often part of the app's URL on the Play Store)

            Navigate to the ClassConnect portal and login with your email and ClassVR Portal password.

            Click Resources then Add a new application Resource.

            Fill out the Package name field.

            Click Android Binary files.

            Click add new package.

            Navigate to the folder where your APK is stored.

            Click 'Open' and wait for file to upload.
            Click the down arrows to see your file.

            Click add new package.

            Click unset.
            Click drop down arrow and select your APK file.

            You can also upload a different icon on this page.

            Now just click in empty space and then click on Tags [Edit].

            Click VR to tag the application as VR.

            Now add the application to a category (if needed create a category then when inside the category click search for your app and drag it into your category).

            Getting your app onto your headsets:

            1. You can send the category to your headsets by scanning in its QR code.
            2. Alternatively, click to edit the Tags (of the resource) and make sure you have selected VR. This will then cause the Playlist to appear on the ClassVR Portal in your organisation's Shared Playlists library.

            Look at the app. It will initially show as greyed out on your headset. Press the select button on the left had control pad. The file will take a little while to download and install; it will then appear colourful. Wait a few more moments then press select again to run it.

            Note: Not all VR apps will be compatible with ClassVR headsets.

            Note: You may see the "Intent not available" error when trying to scan a QR key of a resource that is not currently installed on a headset. QR keys cannot initiate the downloading of an app on ClassVR headsets. You will need to scan the QR key of the category or tag the resource as with VR and then drag and drop the track into the playlist pane as done with all other ClassVR content. These two functions will initiate the download and installation process.
            Updated: 30 Sep 2019 01:27 AM
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