Installing the CoSpaces App

            This process will only need to be followed once. After the CoSpaces app has been installed on a headset, CoSpaces worlds will open automatically.

            1) Go to the Plan area of the ClassVR Portal.
            2) Select the CoSpaces Library on the right-hand side.
            3) From here, you will see a CoSpaces app, which you will need to drag to the Playlist on the left in the same way as you would for other VR experiences.

            4) Go to the 'Deliver' area of the portal. Ensure your headsets are connected to the internet and then click 'Play' to send and install the app on all connected devices. You will see a blue progress indicator moving along the name of each headset.

            Once the installation has finished, a colourful CoSpaces icon will appear next to the headset names on the Deliver tab.

            Now that the app is installed on all the headsets, it will open in the background automatically whenever a CoSpaces world is launched (using a share link or QRKey).
            Updated: 10 Jun 2019 01:13 AM
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