Inviting new users to your ClassVR Portal

            Inviting new users to your ClassVR Portal

            Only administrators can add new users, so please make sure you contact your organisation's administrator to complete the process.

            Login to your ClassVR Portal.

            In the top right hand corner, select the "settings" option:

            In the second column, select "Invite User":

            Input the new user's email address and select the role you wish them to have (most teachers should be given the "Editor" role and most IT technicians and computing leads will likely need to be an "Admin" role):

            Click "Send Invite" and that specific user should then receive an email invitation, which they will need to click on to register and activate their account.

            Overview of ClassVR Portal Roles:

            Viewer: can use some features of the Plan section, including saving to My Cloud, but cannot add content to Shared Cloud or Shared Playlists. Can control devices from the Deliver section.

            Editor: can use the full functionality of the main ClassVR Portal (Plan and Deliver sections), including uploading content to Shared Cloud, adding Shared Playlists, and sending commands to the devices.

            Admin: can access the Administration Portal in order to connect, enrol, monitor and manage devices, invite/manage users and edit subscriptions (plus all of the above).

            Owner: has full administrative privileges, including the ability to create subordinate organisations (plus all of the above).
            Updated: 01 Sep 2019 07:15 PM
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