Subscriptions Process

            Administrators only.


            What is ‘Subscriptions’? 

            Located in the ‘Administration Portal’ of the ClassVR Portal, the subscriptions section allows users to pre-emptively download content to all of the headsets enrolled into their specific organisation. This can be useful for content, which is frequently used, as the content will be stored in the background memory of all ClassVR headsets. As such, when users send a Playlist to their headsets, which has subscribed content in, the headset will simply retrieve the data from their memory, instead of having to download that content over Wi-Fi. Therefore, subscribing to content can improve the speed at which Playlists are transferred to headsets, but it is important to remember that each ClassVR headset has 16GB of storage, so Owners should not subscribe to all content. Instead, selectively choosing the content which is frequently used in your organisation and subscribing to just those specific themes is best practice when using this feature. 


            How do I subscribe to ClassVR content? 

            1) Login to your ClassVR Portal ( 

            2) Select the “Settings” menu, in the top right corner 


            3) Select the “Administration Portal” 


            4) Select the “ClassVR” option in the Subscriptions tab 


            5) Select the Themes to which you want to subscribe your school. Remember, be selective and make sure you look at the size of each Theme before activating your Subscription. 


            6) You can then check to see which of your devices have synchronized to your required Theme subscription (which devices have now downloaded all of content in each subscribed Theme). 



            Remember: ClassVR headsets cache all data when Playlists are manually sent to the headsets through the “Deliver” drag and drop process. Therefore, in some organisations, there will not be a need to use the Subscription process. Please use your technical and professional discretion when choosing whether or not to subscribe to content in this way. 

            Updated: 10 Jun 2019 09:39 PM
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