Troubleshooting Content Download Speeds

            There are many factors that can influence download speeds, but fundamentally it is limited to the speed of the slowest path between the ClassVR servers and your headset. ClassVR distributes content via a Content Delivery Network, which routes your request to your nearest data centre show in this map. There is also a second CDN network for headsets in mainland China.

            Bandwidth from the CDN is very high and unlikely to be a limiting factor in most cases. This means that the most likely bottlenecks are either Internet bandwidth to your building or local area network (LAN) bandwidth. In some cases LAN traffic is faster on wired (ethernet) connections than on wireless (WiFi) connections so it is best to test both.

            Step 1: Test Wired LAN Bandwidth on a PC

            From a desktop PC with a wired network connection you should visit our Status Page and run the speed tests.

            Step 2: Test Wireless LAN Bandwidth on a PC

            From a laptop with a wireless network connection you should visit our Status Page and run the speed tests.

            Step 3: Test Download Speed on ClassVR Headset

            You can also run the speed tests from the status page on the ClassVR headsets using the built-in web-browser. The easiest way to do this is by scanning a QR code, which should launch the browser automatically:
            QR Code for Status Page

            Analysis and Diagnosis

            There is no perfect value for bandwidth: the more the better. Anything below about 10Mbps is going to mean a 100MB video takes more than a minute to download. Anything below 1Mbps is going to mean that a 5MB 360 picture will take more than 30 seconds. You should always consider downloading content ahead of lessons using our subscription system.

            If there is a significant difference between the wired and wireless download speeds you should consider optimising your WiFi network implementation.

            If there is a significant difference between the wired speed and your expected Internet speed then you should test your connection against a 3rd party speed test service. If the 3rd party service is showing low bandwidth you should contact your Internet service provider. If there is a significant difference between the 3rd party bandwidth and our bandwidth you should check that the CDN PoP location listed in our status page is in the correct country.

            If you have any questions, please contact support and include the results of all of the tests listed in this article so we can best assist you.

            Updated: 04 Sep 2019 05:47 PM
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