Uploading Your Own 360 Images

            Uploading Content to ClassVR

            However you create your content, all you need to do is get the pictures or videos onto your computer and drag-and-drop them into ClassCloud on the ClassVR portal. From there, you can send them out to any of the ClassVR headsets, which are enrolled in your organisation.

            What file type should I be using?

            For our own content, we use either a JPEG or PNG file format, which can then be easily accessed on the ClassVR headsets. We do not compress any of our files to ensure that they are of the highest quality for users.

            How do I get the content from my 360 camera onto the headsets?

            Well, it will just take you a few easy steps.

            1) Plug the camera into your PC via USB and copy the pictures.
            2) Make sure they are in a JPEG or PNG format (see above for steps to convert your files).
            3) Then, import the content into your ClassVR "My 
            Cloud" via http://portal.classvr.com/connect/player/ (drag and drop the content from your PC into the browser window).
            4) Once uploaded, drag the content from the library into the left hand side playlist and send it to the selected devices.
            5) Enjoy and immerse your users in your homemade content!

            How do I share the content with others in my organisation and beyond?

            In your organisation: If you wish to share the content with other members of staff, then you can import the file into the "Shared Cloud" and then all other users with the appropriate permissions can access this content and share it.

            Beyond your organisation: You could choose to publish non-confidential content with other ClassVR users from around the world, by adding your content to “Community”.

            What if I no longer want my content on the portal?

            Simply right click on the content you no longer want to have on your Cloud, Shared Cloud or in the ClassVR Community and select “Delete”. The same principle applies to any playlists you wish to delete.

            Updated: 01 Oct 2019 01:44 AM
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