Using 3D Models with ARCube

            Some of the Tracks in the ClassVR Library of content are 3D models. These can be launched just like any other experience.

            In the 'Plan' tab, select the 'Search Subscriptions' option, on the right-hand side.

            In the search bar, type "Model", which will then show all of the 3D model tracks and relevant Playlists, which include 3D models.

            On the headset, you’ll see our ARCView app launch.

            Once it's loaded, the model will appear directly in front of you. Tilt your head to see the model from different angles and swipe up/down on the capacitive swipe pad to zoom in and out of the model.

            If you’d like to hold the model in your hands, you’ll need an ARCube. You can download, print and assemble ARCubes yourself. To find the printable cube template, locate the PDF in the 'Worksheets' section of the ClassVR library tab.

            Look for ARCube. Click to open the PDF and download or print as necessary. 

            Once you’ve assembled your cube, just hold it in front of the headset’s camera while you’re viewing a 3D model. Turn the cube in your hand to view the model from all angles. 

            If you’d like to change the size of the model that appears, use the touch pad on the right of the headset – swipe up to make it larger, and down to make it smaller. Or you can simply bring the cube closer to you to make it appear larger. 

            Updated: 09 Jun 2019 09:32 PM
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