Network Latency

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Network latency troubleshooting

Note: You may need the assistance of your IT provider for some of these steps.

If you are experiencing issues with slowness or buffering when either using the ClassVR headsets or uploading content, this is usually an issue with your network and/or internet connection. This is something that you may also notice is affecting other devices on the network.

  • Try uploading a smaller amount of content, or to fewer devices.
  • Ensure that your network and internet connections are stable and reasonably quick. Also ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is strong and not being subjected to interference.
  • Slow-down can be caused by a lot of network traffic – therefore try reducing the amount of video streaming and other internet intensive activities.
  • Check that the headsets are synced, as some subscribed content can take a while to download. You can do this in the Administration Portal by clicking on Settings > Administration Portal > Devices.
  • If there are a lot of devices causing a bottleneck, such as firewalls, proxy servers or network switches, try setting up a direct connection.
  • Sometimes outdated hardware can cause latency. Where possible, ensure that this is not causing slow-down or dropped data.
  • Using ClassView in the ClassVR Portal might cause slow-down as this is done in real-time as well as streaming content to the headsets.
  • Check the Network Diagnostic page. (Note you will have to be logged into the ClassVR Portal to see this page.)

Further troubleshooting

- Try using the ClassVR headsets on a different network. (Note that your computer will also need to be on this network to upload content.)
- Check the Wi-Fi connectivity strength indicator on the units to make sure they have a good connection.
- Try turning off all headsets apart from one and upload or run content.
- If you are uploading a lot of files, or the files are extremely big, try uploading smaller files. Larger files can take a lot longer to upload and also take up a lot of bandwidth.
- If you are a long way from the router or access points, this can cause slowness and latency due to content not making it to the headsets.
- Bluetooth is normally disabled on the devices. However, if this has been enabled, this can cause interference.

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