ClassVR Support Portal Categories


Adding SSL Certificates to ClassVR

This article covers adding, removing and managing SSL certificates on your ClassVR devices.

ClassVR Sideloading

Tutorial on sideloading custom Android apps onto LearnPad.

ClassVR Trolley Maintenance

Genreral maintenance guide for the ClassVR charging trolley.

Using the Samsung Gear 360 Camera with ClassVR

How to use the Samsung Gear 360 camera to capture and upload you own photos and videos.

Unable to View or Access Subscription Content

Where to find details on your subscriptions and advice if you are having issues accessing the content.

Changing ClassVR Headset Menu Language

How to change the system language on ClassVR headsets.

Teleporting and Rotating on the ClassVR Headsets

Tutorial explaining how to move around in ClassVR virtual environments.

Warranty Coverage

Explanation of aspects covered by the product warranty.

Signal to Noise Ratio

Assistance in resolving issues if you are experiencing slow connection or corrupt data on your headsets.

Wi-Fi 6 Compatibility

Details on how to connect ClassVR headsets to a Wi-Fi 6 network.

Obtaining Log Files from Headsets

How to send or download log files from ClassVR headsets.

ClassVR Connectivity Guide

If you are having issues getting online or downloading resources, this advice should help.

Uploading Your Own Content to ClassVR

The ClassVR headsets can display a multitude of different media formats including Videos, images (standard and 360°) models and scenes.

Bluetooth Interference on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Networks

Things to note when using Bluetooth along with WiFi connectivity.

Creating and Sharing Playlists

How to create a custom track list and share with others.

Using Themes for Subscribed Content

How to create a Theme to enable caching content via subscriptions.

ClassVR Equipment Best Practice for Seasonal Breaks

A brief guide to best practice during term or seasonal break times.

Teleporting and rotating on the ClassVR headset

How to use and manage the teleport function on the controller.

Pending Firmware Updates

How to manage and identify pending firmware updates.

Pending Software Updates

How to identify and manage pending client updates.

Limited Product Warranty (Avantis Systems Ltd)

Details for the Limited Product Warranty.

ClassVR Setup and User Guide

Links to all the ClassVR Setup and User Guides.

Renewing a Subscription

Contact details for when you wish to renew a subscription.

Purchasing a Subscription

Contact details for when you wish to purchase a new subscription.

Invite Users

Information on how to invite users and the relevant permissions.

Booking Training

How to book training online related to ClassVR headsets and portal use.

Avantis World login

Advice on logging into Avantis World using local and SSO accounts.

Eduverse Account

How to log in and manage your account in the Eduverse.

ClassVR Portal login

Details for logging into the portal and the various methods available.

Requesting Content

How to request additional content and subscribe to our Newsletter.

Physical Damage - Accessories

Reporting physical damage and the required details we will need.

AR Model Uploading

How to upload and manage your own 3D models and the supported formats.


Maintaining your headsets is key to keeping them in the best working condition.

Caching Content

The benefits of caching content to assist in reducing time to host a lesson or VR session.

Non Working Sensor

Try and resolve issues with the sensor, a key component of the headset.

Lesson Plan Troubleshooting

Some methods to try and resolve issues with playlists and QR codes.

SSL Certificates

Important information regarding SSL certificates and how they are implemented.

AR Model Troubleshooting

Some items to check when using AR models and custom content.

360 Video & Image Troubleshooting

Some common issues when using 360 video and items to keep in mind.

Community Content

How to create and access our vast community content.

Network Latency

How to identify and work to resolve local latency issues.

Serial Number Locations

Where to find the serial number on different models of devices.

Unlocking LearnPad

How to change the lock mode of LearnPads.

Locking and unlocking LearnPad

Tutorial on how to lock/unlock your LearnPads for additional functionality.

Headset Restart

How to perform a forced restart of the different model of headset.

LearnPad Sideloading

Tutorial on sideloading custom Android apps onto LearnPad.

Murus Downloads and Drivers

Download links for Murus models.

Classbook Downloads and Drivers

Download links for Classbooks.

Workbook Downloads and Drivers

Download links for Workbooks.

Network Configuration Troubleshooting

Some items to consider when working through local network difficulties.

Compatible File Formats

A list of compatible video and model formats compatible with ClassVR.

Firmware & Software Update

Some points to check when updating your headsets or related issues.

Firewall Troubleshooting

Important network information to be considered when configuring the devices for use.

Disconnected Devices

Help in determining why your devices are showing as disconnected.

Headset Charging Troubleshooting - 255-64

Some advice on dealing with charging issues.

Headset Charging Troubleshooting - 255

Charging advice related to the CVR255 device.

Headset Charging Troubleshooting - 155-A

Charging advice related to the CVR155-A device.


Some details concerning the USB ports being used with the ClassVR devices.

Speakers and Headphones

Some details regarding speakers and headphones on the devices.

QR Codes

The importance and methodology of QR codes.

Physical Damage

Physical damage and how to report it to the support team at ClassVR.

Hand Controller Troubleshooting

How to resolve issues with your Hand Controller.

Half Screen Issue - 155

How to resolve the half-screen issue with the CVR-155 devices.

Factory Reset

How to perform a factory reset on the ClassVR devices.

Clearing the Cache

How to clear the cache form your device to perform good housekeeping.

Charging Case Troubleshooting

How to identify and report issues with charging cases or trolleys.

Camera Troubleshooting

Issues with the device camera and how to report it.

Bootup Issues

Some bootup issues and how to deal with them.

Battery Temperature

The relevance of battery temperature and where to check it.

Registration & Subscription

Avantis World registration process and what to do.

Playlist Troubleshooting

How to resolve and determine issues with your playlists.

Creating a Group Filter

Group filters can be used to divide up your class so that they can see different content.

Spectrum Trolley Maintenance

Genreral maintenance guide for the Spectrum ClassVR charging trolley.

Instrukcja podłączenia ClassVR

Jeśli masz problemy z dostępem do Internetu lub pobieraniem zasobów, ta rada powinna pomóc.

Turning WiFi On or Off using QR codes

How to turn your WiFi ON and / or OFF using QR codes.

LearnPad Battery Replacement

Steps to work toward a battery replacement for your LearnPad.

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