Spectrum Trolley Maintenance

The trolleys we supply for headset maintenance are designed to be robust and reliable, but if for any reason you are having issues charging your devices, this checklist will assist you with resolving them.

Mains power adapter

This is where the mains power goes in (via the cable inlet hole at the back of the left-side panel) and the USB charging hubs are plugged into. It is bolted to the top of the trolley.

If one or all of the drawers are not charging:

  • Ensure that none of these plugs are loose, and they are all attached securely and plugged in as far as they will go.
  • Check that the power switch on the power control panel is on.
  • Try pressing the reset button on the power control panel.
  • Try replacing the main power cable, or plugging the USB hub power cables into a different outlet on the adapter.

USB charging hub and cables

Each drawer in the trolley has a USB 3.0 charging hub which can accommodate 10 headsets at once and are powered by an adapter. (Both are located at the back of each drawer and are attached to the trolley using hook and hoop fasteners.) The USB cables are run underneath the headset storage foam for each headset.

If one or all of the headsets are not charging:

  • Try charging the headset on a different USB cable.
  • Try plugging the cable into a different USB port on the hub.
  • Make sure that the power adapter and the USB hub are connected correctly and securely to the mains power adapter.
  • Ensure that there is no damage to the USB hub and USB cables.
  • Try restarting the headset and then charging it again.
  • Try charging the headset from a phone charger plugged into a different wall power outlet.

The trolley or headsets are getting hot

The cooling fan is located on the right-hand side of the trolley (looking from the front):

If you find that the inside of the trolley is getting overly warm or the headsets are reporting a hot battery, it could be due to a fan malfunction. Please check the following:

  • The fan is working when the trolley is plugged into a mains power outlet.
  • Nothing is obstructing the fan's blades.
  • The fan is not damaged in any way.

If you require replacement parts, then please log a support ticket via the troubleshooting section. Further details regarding warranty and what is covered can be found by clicking here.

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