ClassVR Creating and Sharing Playlists

Creating and Sharing Playlists


A 'Playlist' is made up of a series of individual Tracks. Users can create Playlists which help them teach bespoke and personalised learning objectives.

You can create and share playlists for use by other staff members in your organisation.

Creating playlists

  1. Drag the required content to the 'Playlist' area of your portal.

Individual items can be removed by dragging out of the playlist or re-organised into a different order.

You can also add additional content from other playlists, the ClassVR content or your own custom uploaded content.

  1. Once you are happy with your current playlist use the 'Save' button to add to your library.

  1. Enter a name for the new playlist and this will now appear under 'My playlists' in the 'Libraries' section of your portal.

Sharing Playlists

Once you have created and saved a playlist to your ' My Playlists' area you are now ready to share this with your Organisation so other teaches can access this for their own lessons.

  1. Right click on your playlist and 'Copy to' your Org.

  1. Click on 'Shared Playlists' to see this has now become accessible to all those with access to the portal.

Publishing to the Community

Once you have created a Playlist you can add it to the Community which is accessible to all ClassVR user schools. To add a Playlist you simply need to access the 'My Playlists' section of the 'Libraries' pane and locate the Playlist you wish to share.

You must have right-clicked and added a description to the Playlist for it to be shareable to the Community. ClassVR users locate your Playlist more easily using keywords.

Once a description has been added  the option to 'Publish to Community' will become available and you can share the Playlist. 

You can remove the Playlist from the Community at any point by right-clicking on it and choosing ' Unpublish'.

All published content which has been approved by our team of Educational Specialists can then be found under the 'Global' section in the 'Libraries' pane in our Community Library.

For further assistance please contact the ClassVR support team directly at

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