Connect to a WiFi Network

Connect to a WiFi Network

The easiest way to connect to a new WiFi network is to use the ClassVR scanner and a QrKey.

Create a WiFi QrKey

The quickstart page allows you to generate WiFi QrKeys and QrKeys for proxy information (if your network uses a proxy).

  1. Select your Network Type from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the SSID (network name) making sure to get it exactly right, including capitalization.
  3. Enter the Password, again making sure to get it exactly right.
  4. Select the Scanner on the headset and scan the resulting QrKey.
There should be a notification message saying that the headset is attempting to connect to the specified network. Shortly after that the WiFi connection indicator should show that the network is connected.

Create a Proxy QrKey

Some networks require a proxy to connect to the Internet, which you can easily add using a QrKey.

Enter you proxy details into the form and scan the resulting QrKey. Make sure the WiFi network that requires this proxy has already been connected as this is the one that will be associated with the proxy information.

Connect using the Settings App

The device settings app provides full access to the headset settings. Access should be limited to administrative staff only to avoid causing problems with incorrect setting selection.

The easiest way to access the settings app is by scanning this QrKey:

Device Settings QrKey

This will launch the settings app, which should look like this:

Device Settings App
You can navigate the app using the control pad on the side of the headset. Select WiFi and it should look like this:

WiFi Network Selection Screen
Select the network you want to connect to and enter the password and any other details that are required.

Advanced Network Configuration

If you require more advanced network configuration, such as SSL certification installation, please contact support for assistance.

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